Spotlight Montréal: Caffè in Gamba
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September 10, 2009

Spotlight Montréal: Caffè in Gamba

  • Caffe in Gamba Montreal Coffee
  • Caffe in Gamba Montreal Coffee

Caffè in Gamba


Montreal coffee lovers know of this place. If you are from Dallas – picture the Cosmos of coffee bars. Eclectic, comfortable, funky and charming. If you are visiting Montreal and lucky enough to find this place – get ready for an obsession.

There are several coffee shops near where I was staying on Rue St-Urbain & Rue Marie-Anne and Caffè in Gamba was a good way to travel for a coffee. But my lovely local, Stephane, has a palate I learned to trust. He likes what’s good and he knows where to find it. Lucky me.

It was a warm afternoon and I had remembered my local describing another favorite coffee “slushy". Iced coffee was on the brain. The cute as a button barista and owner, Jean-Francois LeDuc or “JF”, is delightful and I’d say worth a visit just to watch him make your coffee.

He crafted an iced coffee unlike any I’ve tasted. It was blended - not smooth and had lovely little bits of ice. Think granita but creamy and rich and decadent... quite a beautiful work of art.

Roasters they carry: Intelligentsia, Zoka, Novo and Vergnano. Some will be traveling back with me as a reminder of the better than incredible Caffè in Gamba.


  1. Your description leaves my mouth watering for a good cuppa! :) My friend Bill is up in Montreal right now too, and he highly recommends the Indian restaurant called Mahli Sweets on 880 Jarry Street West. Maybe your local Stephane has been there! Bill said it was the best Indian meal he has ever had. Just thought I'd let you know! Hope to chat with you soon! xo